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Last date updated: 12/18/2012 05:35 AM

The following websites were teaching a similar message the last time I visited them. We don't necessarily agree about everything each one of us teaches, but for sure we agree that tithing is NOT for Christians.  If you become aware of another resource (book, website, pamphlet, etc) that could be added, please send email to .  I will be glad to review them.

First, here are some other books you might also find interesting.  If you click on the link, you will be taken to or to another website.

bulletBeyond Tithes & Offerings by Michael L. Webb
bulletTo God With All Our Love by Matthew Marx
bulletTithing and Still Broke by Niral Russell Burnett
bulletLie of the Tithe by R. L. Johnston
bulletShould the Church Teach Tithing: A Theologian's Conclusions About a Taboo Doctrine by Russell Earl Kelly.  Also freely available online at  Dr Kelly's site.
bulletTithing: Low-Realm, Obsolete & Defunct Paperback by Matthew E. Narramore.  Also freely available for reading online via the following link:  Tekoa Publishing
bulletThe Children are Free by Roger Sapp (Part 3 of 3 part series)
bulletGod's Guarantees for Giving by Ron Knotts
bulletTruth Or Tradition - The Tithing Dilemma by Earnest Martin
bulletDid the Apostle Paul Teach Tithing to the Church? by Jonathan Kithcart
bulletThe Tithe That Binds by Rory Moore  - Also freely available for reading online via the following link: America's Last Days
bulletTithing - Yet Another Approach (PDF, 512k) - A detailed analysis of Malachi 3:6 - 12 by Melvin Jones
bulletTake the Tithing Test by Dr Sapp
bulletThe Tithing Hoax by R. Renee and Cynthia Harper
bulletClever Lies and Assumptions by FL Anderson   
bulletWhat Preachers Never Told You About Tithes and Offerings:... by Eric M Hill  

Other websites that teach a similar message:

Should the Church Teach Tithing? essay by  Russell Earl Kelly Ph.D. The Origin of Tithing    

Are you Tithing

The truth of the grace of GOD Present Testimony Ministry   Frank Viola
Christian Evangelism, Healing, and Teaching Resources   A Tithing Study   -  Dr Frank Chase Jr, Thd   (pdf download) 
Giving & the New Covenant - Is Tithing Required
Muzzle That Ox!! What God Says About Giving - Roy Ingbre  
On Reconsidering Tithing Is Tithing Compulsory for the New Testament Christian?
Gary CarpenterMinistries Harvest NETwork
The Truth About Tithing Part 1 Truth for Grace
Truth Or Tradition - Do I Have To Tithe Truth Or Tradition - Tithing vs. Giving
ActionCross - Disciples of Christ Prosperity Gospel Pimps Power of Faith Ministries  The Truth About Tithing
The Tithe That Binds Freedom from Tithing - Roger Sapp
The Tithe Debate
What Preacher Never Told You About Tithes and Offering: The End of Clergy Manipulation and Extortion - Eric Hill
Tithe Deception Blog
Diezmo Decepcion Blog


Links to Information on more Prosperity Gospel Danger Signs

Following are some links to other sites that have a lot more to explain about the 'prosperity gospel'.  Use your browser button to return here.
The Prosperity Doctrine
The Word-Faith Movement - by Gary Gilley
Word of faith - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Prosperity Gospel - Rich, Riches, World, Worldly, Possessions, Cravings, Desire, Covetousness, Snare
Can our positive confession 'force' God to change course?
MSN Encarta - Dictionary - prosperity gospel definition
Let Us Reason Ministries 
An Evaluation of the Key Doctrines in the Health and Wealth Faith Movement

Here are some other excellent links that will make you think about the model of a 'church' that you have built or attend:  David Yeubanks

The  Don't let the title scare you.

Heal Our Land Ministries   If you start a church or ministry as a 501(c)(3) then who is in charge? Is it the Lord Jesus Christ or is it your state.  Learn the major pitfalls of being an official charity!! Focusing on Spiritual Conversion, Formation, and Reformation  The best Jesus-infused sites you never heard about.