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The purpose of this web page is to highlight what the Bible really teaches concerning giving money and other resources.  Contrary to popular belief, the Bible does not teach us that we should still be tithing.  Tithing was one of the many commands that God gave to the Israelites.  No where in the Bible is it taught that we should stop doing all the other things contained in those laws (like sacrificing animals, honoring God on the Sabbath, not eating certain animals, etc) except the law of tithing.  The Bible clearly does not teach that tithing is the only part of the Old Covenant laws that we should still be doing .

God did make a promise to the Israelites in the book of Malachi but  New Covenant Christians were not the intended audience.  We are told in Hebrews 7:22 and other places that the covenant God has for believers ever since his son Jesus Christ died and rose from the dead is a 'better' covenant.  This covenant of grace is better in all ways. 

This message is not some new trick to try to get people to give more.  Instead this is an attempt to teach that Christians can be free of the bondage of tithing and give the same way it is taught and demonstrated in the New Covenant.  The Bible teaches that we are to enjoy being generous!

What is tithing?  

None of the 'tithing' that occurs now has any connection to the definition of tithing contained in the Bible. (other than to mention 10%). In a nutshell, there were three tithes from some of the Israelites and a 4th from the Levites to the Levite priests.

1)The Levitical tithe required those who raised crops (not everyone and not all professions - just those who raised crops) to give 10% of that to the Levites. This tithe only occurred 6 years out of the 7 year cycle. It also required those that raised 10 or more animals to give each tenth animal that passed under the rod to the Levites. If a person raised less than 10 animals, they were not required to tithe.

2) From what was given to them, the Levites in turn had to give a tenth of the very best to the priests.

3) The festival tithe required that those who raised crops or animals to set aside 10% for the annual festivals. It was for the people to have a party and consume the food joyfully and alcoholic beverages (strong drink) if they wanted.

4) The Poor tithe occurred only in the 3rd year of the seven year cycle. This was set aside for the poor. 

All tithes were always food and NEVER money and yes, they did have money and silver back then. Everybody did not raise crops for a living.

I go into more detail on my other website, where, if you have a high speed internet connection, you can view my FREE series of 10 - 30 minute lessons titled "The Truth About Tithing". ( I recently added a much more condensed 3 part series titled "No More Tithing" that starts at lesson 147 )

I take two of the lessons to explain the 'Truth About Abrams Tithe'. It clearly is NOT the precedent setting example that we have been told. For starters, Abram did not give his own money or valuables.

We should be generous but the poor widow is NOT our example. She was being plundered by church leaders.  (Video – Truth About the Widow’s Gift) There is no single formula for Christians to be able to judge for themselves whether they are generous or not.

Each person needs to hear from God for themselves.


It is my hope that you will come to study the Bible yourself after reading these web pages.  

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