Other Resources About Tithing in the Modern Day

The following websites were teaching a similar message the last time I visited them. We don’t necessarily agree about everything each one of us teaches, but for sure we agree that tithing is NOT for Christians.  If you become aware of another resource (book, website, pamphlet, etc) that could be added, please send email to gwg@inyourbible.com.  I will be glad to review them.

First, here are some other books you might also find interesting.  If you click on the link, you will be taken to Amazon.com or to another website.

Links to Information on more Prosperity Gospel Danger Signs

Following are some links to other sites that have a lot more to explain about the ‘prosperity gospel’.

Here are some other excellent links that will make you think about the model of a ‘church’ that you have built or attend:

  • Truthforfree.com – David Yeubanks

  • Heal Our Land Ministries  – If you start a church or ministry as a 501(c)(3) then who is in charge? Is it the Lord Jesus Christ or is it your state.  Learn the major pitfalls of being an official charity!!

  • Zoecarnate.com – The best Jesus-infused sites you never heard about.