Following are definitions of some words or phrases used on this website.

‘give-to-get’    This is a common teaching among teachers who push some form of the ‘prosperity gospel’.  Basically, the teaching to give money or resources focuses on what a person supposedly can get in return.  Many Bible verses are misquoted and twisted in an attempt to get believers to give.  Promises of a financially rewarding life because of ‘tithing’, ‘firstfruits’ or ‘sowing seed’ and other verses are used to get believers excited about what they can receive.  The focus is changed from blessing others to giving just so you can supposedly be ‘guaranteed’ a blessing.

‘prosperity gospel’    A false gospel of Jesus Christ.  A way of interpreting the Bible to have a person believe that they are supposed to be financially rich and have perfect health.  It is taught that failure for a person to achieve these things is a lack of faith.

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‘poor’ – Many Americans claim to be poor however this is not always the case.  Some think they are poor because they only have two TVs, or only one bathroom, or a small kitchen, or they can afford to eat at a fast food restaurant only once or twice a week.  There are families in America that are really poor and they are the ones that are more concerned about where their next meal is coming or where are they going to sleep.  Putting money into the offering plate just isn’t high on their list of concerns and it shouldn’t be either.  Most churches don’t have people like that even visiting because the visitors and the visited would both feel so uncomfortable. 

‘tithe’ or ‘tithing’ – (In single quote marks) When reference is made to Christians ‘tithing’ I put the word in quotes since it is impossible for Christians to tithe – according to the Bible.  The original biblical instructions concerning tithing are not followed and instead a modern interpretation has developed in its place.  For instance, it is clear that tithing was only required from those who either farmed the land or raised animals.  The OT Jews only gave food for their tithe.  Present day tithe teachers preach that ALL Christians are required by God to give 10% of ALL their income to the local church even though none of your income comes from farming or raising animals. It is also clear from the OT that other Jews like fishermen, and tradesmen were NOT required to tithe.  Also the poor were supposed to receive a portion of the tithes. Many present day tithe teachers preach that everyone is supposed to tithe and encourage even the poor to tithe as if they could tithe their way out of being poor.  That is certainly NOT what is taught in the OT and it is certainly NOT what is supposed to be taught to Christians now.